Course Support

We help online educators serve more students and help their students succeed.

Anytime, anywhere academic support: Both as part of course delivery and as a stand-alone offering, we provide personalized, one-on-one tutoring that enables students to succeed.

On-Demand Teaching Support

For nearly two decades, UpThink has been providing on-demand teaching support with our in-house team of subject experts.

As with all our other services, we use only permanent, full-time employees with graduate degrees in their fields. That’s how we maintain an exceptionally high standard of content knowledge and teaching excellence.

On-Demand Teaching Support

Expand faculty’s reach and effectiveness

We help faculty work smarter by taking on the heavy
lifting of managing online courses:

  • managing discussion forums
  • crafting learning assets
  • evaluating student work
  • working one-on-one with students to help them master course skills.

Scale quickly


Make the best
use of faculty time


Ensure all students
have the support
to succeed


Hard subjects aren’t hard for us

While we work across all areas of the postsecondary curriculum, we specialize in high-demand subjects in STEM and business where the combination of excellent teaching ability and deep subject expertise is critical and hard to find.

STEM Subjects

Writing skills at scale

We’re equally experienced in helping students develop the writing skills that are fundamental to academic and professional success—yet so time-consuming for faculty to address effectively.

Our team lightens the faculty burden by:

  • giving students detailed, constructive feedback on drafts of papers
  • coaching students on development of writing skills
  • evaluating final papers against a rubric and providing detailed feedback explaining grades.
Writing skills at scale

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