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Lab Grading Services
We specialize in expedited Online Lab grading services that ensure no student waits more than 24 hours for their feedback.
We’re Not Just Quick – We’re Also Accurate.

A team of highly skilled graders working round the clock to deliver unmatched speed with detailed and constructive feedback!

Subjects we expertise in

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Traditional Grading

Time taken by a student to receive a grade on their lab paper – Multiple weeks

Upthink Grading

Time taken by a student to receive a grade on their lab paper – 24 hrs


*90% reduction in time required without compromising quality and accuracy!

*Time estimated as per information collected in internal surveys & from experience

Objective and Key Features

Objective and Key Features

  • No intervention needed from course conductors as our team can independently take it forward
  • Photo proof and lab reading inspection with minute details
  • Grade the questions and lab readings as per the rubric provided with the assignment
  • Hints or guidance provided that helps students revise their experiment to meet the goals
  • Plagiarism check and written warning sent to the student giving them a chance to correct their assignment
  • Experience working with different types of LMS and grading rubrics reducing adaption time to a zero

How does it work?


Pre-lab questions, experiment observations, deductions and conclusions are graded by the SME


A conversational & encouraging tone is used to motivate the student


The lab papers are collected and the rubric & assignment guidelines are noted by our experts


Revisions and hints are suggested to the students based on their errors and plagiarism check


The final output is given in the form of comments or overall grade as per your requirement

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